Parent Teacher Conferences

To the all the moms headed to parent teacher conferences alone this year, I want you to know that I admire you more than you will ever know. It is so hard to walk into those conferences by yourself, knowing that this isn’t the way you thought it would be. You watch the other parents walking into the building, holding hands, smiling, and discussing their child’s academics, and you should be one of those parents. You probably used to be one of those parents. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, some things just don’t get a lot easier.

But you know what? You showed up anyway, with a smile on your face, because you love your kids enough to be there, even when it’s tough. Even when you’d rather not sit in one of those tiny chairs all by yourself, listening to the teacher talk about your child, often making the hard decisions about their education without anyone to guide you. But by doing this, by showing up, you’re proving once again that are the exact parent your child needs, and that you are strong.

As you sit there in those conferences, instead of letting the negative talk run through your head, know this – Your kids see that you’re the one showing up. They not only see you attending parent teacher conferences, but they see you there in the daily grind of life….paying the bills, the homework help, the meals, the laundry, the bedtime stories, the hugs and kisses, the listening ear. They see ALL of that. While they may not thank you right now, or even let you know that they see you, they do. You make their crazy, ever-changing world a little more stable. Without saying a word, kids eventually see the truth about who is an ever-present constant in their lives, and when they grow up and look back, they will realize that you were the one always there for them, no matter how hard things got.

So moms, hold your head just a little bit higher, because you are doing a GREAT job. You are loving your kids well. You are doing more than most people can even fathom. I think you’re amazing, and secretly, so do those kids of yours.

“… you are precious in my eyes … and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4a

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