The holiday weekend challenge

I don’t know about you, but normal weekends are often less than relaxing. After working full-time all week, the weekends are usually spent catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and running multiple errands. By the time Sunday evening rolls around, the only thing I feel like doing is crashing on the couch and zoning out to a show or movie.  However, then I sit there feeling guilty because I haven’t gotten to spend much quality time with my kids.

On holiday weekends such as this Labor Day weekend, we’ve been given a gift.  One extra day to spend some extra time loving on our kids.  So, here’s my challenge, to you and to myself – take the extra day off and do something with your kids. It doesn’t have to cost money, or even take the entire day. Just find something you can all do together, and be intentional about making it happen. You can take a hike, go to a park, go swimming for the last time this summer, see a movie, or anything to get you all to spend some time together.  I guarantee you that your kids will love whatever you do, simply because you’re spending time with them.  Even if they’re teenagers, like mine are, and won’t always admit that they enjoy hanging out with mom, they really do, and you’ll all be better because of the time spent together.

One last piece of advice, the time spent together won’t be as beneficial if you’re constantly checking your phone or browsing social media.  So do everyone a favor, and for the few hours you’ve selected to hang out, put your phones away and unplug. It will do everyone some good, including you. And, surprisingly, the world will not end if you don’t check Facebook for a few hours. Ha ha!

Have a great weekend and enjoy those kids of yours! Now I’m off to spend a few hours, and hopefully not a ton of money, finding a homecoming dress with my daughter. 🙂 Tomorrow the three of us plan to spend some time hiking, as we usually spend too much time indoors!

Happy Labor Day weekend!





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